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Beaglebone Black GPS

August 5th, 2014 No comments

given that a straight GPS cape for Beaglebone didnt exist, the only thing to do is to make one with the help of “Wrea”, thanks for that 😀

Based off the Protocape with eeprom from

making use of the Ublox Max-7Q GPS

Uses Uart4 for serial lines which breakout to pins P9.11 and P9.13

and For Pulse Per Second output from the GPS for NTP it uses pin P8.8 also known as gpio2_3

has jumper for Active GPS antenna power and also a connector for Dallas 1 Wire devices

Beaglebone Black GPS Cape

Device Tree Overlay


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Beaglebone Black Pin Mux

June 18th, 2014 No comments

Found this Saving for later!!!

Finding the numbers for muxing pins
I have yet to find a good explanation for the pin mux hex numbers. I discovered I had actually written it up myself in a previous post, but I’ll repeat it here for convenience.

In the above example you have the following:

0x070 0x26  /* P9_11 = GPIO0_30 = GPMC_WAIT0 , MODE6 */

The first number is the offset from the first pin (conf_gpmc_ad0). The second number is the mode and direction etc. Cameon has an explenation of the second number. Reprinted here for convenience:

  • Bit 5: 1 – Input, 0 – Output
  • Bit 4: 1 – Pull up, 0 – Pull down
  • Bit 3: 1 – Pull disabled, 0 – Pull enabled
  • Bit 2 \
  • Bit 1   |- Mode
  • Bit 0 /

The following is a list of the first numbers for all the pins that have been broken out on the Beaglebone.

So if you want to mux pin 6 from the P8 header to mode 7 (GPIO) and output, you say:

0x0C 0×07 /* P8_6 = GPIO1_3 -> Mode7, output. */

Here is a table of all the pins that are broken out with their corresponding numbers and names:

P8_1 GND P9_1 GND
P8_2 GND P9_2 GND
P8_3 0×18 GPIO1_6 gpmc_ad6 P9_3 DC_3.3V
P8_4 0x1C GPIO1_7 gpmc_ad7 P9_4 DC_3.3V
P8_5 0×08 GPIO1_2 gpmc_ad2 P9_5 VDD_5V
P8_6 0x0C GPIO1_3 gpmc_ad3 P9_6 VDD_5V
P8_7 0×90 TIMER4 gpmc_advn_ale P9_7 SYS_5V
P8_8 0×94 TIMER7 gpmc_oen_ren P9_8 SYS_5V
P8_9 0x9C TIMER5 gpmc_be0n_cle P9_9 PWR_BUT
P8_10 0×98 TIMER6 gpmc_wen P9_10 SYS_RESETn RESET_OUT
P8_11 0×34 GPIO1_13 gpmc_ad13 P9_11 0×70 UART4_RXD gpmc_wait0
P8_12 0×30 GPIO1_12 GPMC_AD12 P9_12 0×78 GPIO1_28 gpmc_be1n
P8_13 0×24 EHRPWM2B gpmc_ad9 P9_13 0×74 UART4_TXD gpmc_wpn
P8_14 0×28 GPIO0_26 gpmc_ad10 P9_14 0×48 EHRPWM1A gpmc_a2
P8_15 0x3C GPIO1_15 gpmc_ad15 P9_15 0×40 GPIO1_16 gpmc_a0
P8_16 0×38 GPIO1_14 gpmc_ad14 P9_16 0x4C EHRPWM1B gpmc_a3
P8_17 0x2C GPIO0_27 gpmc_ad11 P9_17 0x15C I2C1_SCL spi0_cs0
P8_18 0x8C GPIO2_1 gpmc_clk_mux0 P9_18 0×158 I2C1_SDA spi0_d1
P8_19 0×20 EHRPWM2A gpmc_ad8 P9_19 0x17C I2C2_SCL uart1_rtsn
P8_20 0×84 GPIO1_31 gpmc_csn2 P9_20 0×178 I2C2_SDA uart1_ctsn
P8_21 0×80 GPIO1_30 gpmc_csn1 P9_21 0×154 UART2_TXD spi0_d0
P8_22 0×14 GPIO1_5 gpmc_ad5 P9_22 0×150 UART2_RXD spi0_sclk
P8_23 0×10 GPIO1_4 gpmc_ad4 P9_23 0×44 GPIO1_17 gpmc_a1
P8_24 0×04 GPIO1_1 gpmc_ad1 P9_24 0×184 UART1_TXD uart1_txd
P8_25 0×00 GPIO1_0 gpmc_ad0 P9_25 0x1AC GPIO3_21 mcasp0_ahclkx
P8_26 0x7C GPIO1_29 gpmc_csn0 P9_26 0×180 UART1_RXD uart1_rxd
P8_27 0xE0 GPIO2_22 lcd_vsync P9_27 0x1A4 GPIO3_19 mcasp0_fsr
P8_28 0xE8 GPIO2_24 lcd_pclk P9_28 0x19C SPI1_CS0 mcasp0_ahclkr
P8_29 0xE4 GPIO2_23 lcd_hsync P9_29 0×194 SPI1_D0 mcasp0_fsx
P8_30 0xEC GPIO2_25 lcd_ac_bias_en P9_30 0×198 SPI1_D1 mcasp0_axr0
P8_31 0xD8 UART5_CTSN lcd_data14 P9_31 0×190 SPI1_SCLK mcasp0_aclkx
P8_32 0xDC UART5_RTSN lcd_data15 P9_32 VADC
P8_33 0xD4 UART4_RTSN lcd_data13 P9_33 AIN4
P8_34 0xCC UART3_RTSN lcd_data11 P9_34 AGND
P8_35 0xD0 UART4_CTSN lcd_data12 P9_35 AIN6
P8_36 0xC8 UART3_CTSN lcd_data10 P9_36 AIN5
P8_37 0xC0 UART5_TXD lcd_data8 P9_37 AIN2
P8_38 0xC4 UART5_RXD lcd_data9 P9_38 AIN3
P8_39 0xB8 GPIO2_12 lcd_data6 P9_39 AIN0
P8_40 0xBC GPIO2_13 lcd_data7 P9_40 AIN1
P8_41 0xB0 GPIO2_10 lcd_data4 P9_41 0x1B0 CLKOUT2 xdma_event_intr1
P8_42 0xB4 GPIO2_11 lcd_data5 P9_42 0×164 GPIO0_7 eCAP0_in_PWM0_out
P8_43 0xA8 GPIO2_8 lcd_data2 P9_43 GND
P8_44 0xAC GPIO2_9 lcd_data3 P9_44 GND
P8_45 0xA0 GPIO2_6 lcd_data0 P9_45 GND
P8_46 0xA4 GPIO2_7 lcd_data1 P9_46 GND
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