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HP Touchpad USB Audio

November 4th, 2011 1 comment

So it seems the touchpad is quite a powerful little device under to hood, a few kernel changes, config changes to pulseaudio and USB audio support is added, better sound out of the touchpad than the headphone port.

To get this working it required an OTG micro USB cable, powered USB hub that feeds power back to the source usb plug, and some form of usb HID sound device,  pretty much any usb sound card that uses the line “No Drivers Required” with the support of MacOS is a dead giveaway this is what it is, i came across this  USB with optical output on the cheap, waiting for it to arrive to see how well this device works.

With the help of @therealsconix and his PulseAudio Settings App in Preware switching to usb audio after a bit of testing became simple

last thing that is left is getting the USB audio support included in the Kernels in Preware, until this time if you want my uberkernel with this working let me know